Our values

We stand for

Sustainability, taste and nutritious food

Nikris ApS is dedicated to providing premium cheese alternatives for the professional kitchen that seeks to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions. 

We prioritize the use of locally sourced ingredients (such as yellow peas, potatoes, gluten-free oats, and rapeseed oil), emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and support for regional producers. 

Our products, inspired by fermentation techniques from traditional dairy products, offer a unique taste experience and consistency that can enrich any menu. 

We understand the need for seamless integration of new products into existing menus, and therefore, we present plant-based alternatives that offer excellent functionality in cooking, including melting and browning when baked, as well as providing a crispy crust when fried. 

With a focus on nutrition and allergen-free food, we offer products that cater to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences, including a significant protein content (source of protein) and low levels of saturated fats. 

Our goal is to be a reliable and inspiring partner for professional kitchens looking to take a step towards a more eco-friendly menu that is free from allergens and can be enjoyed by all.