About us

Nikris ApS

Nikris ApS was established in late 2022 by founder and CEO Niels Kristian Sørensen. Niels Kristian is a passionate cheesemonger with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing processes and cheese flavor profiles through his previous roles at food companies and collaborations with research institutions. 

The company’s foundation is built on two years of intensive development work, with the Technological Institute serving as a trusted knowledge partner since the beginning of 2021. 

Niels Kristian’s vision is to create premium plant-based cheese alternatives for cooking, based on the highest quality regional ingredients. 

The company aims to produce products with exceptional taste, excellent functional properties during cooking, and a strong nutritional profile. Further details are outlined in the illustration below. 

Premium Plantbased cheese alternatives for cooking

The development work was successful. A patent application describing the development of a plant-based cheese-like product and the process used has been submitted.

Through skilled key personnel and strong advisors and partners, the first products have been fully developed and scaled up.